Laerke Herthoni

The Peoples Campaign for the Right to Asylum

Refugees and migrants should not be prevented to reach Sweden.
Families should be able to reunite without having to risk their lives to do so.

This is why we protest against the carriers liability as well as all other forms of legislative obstacles standing in the way of families being reunited!

Refugees in need of protection should have the right to feel safe in Sweden.

Children must be received with care and be given hope of a better future ahead. This is why we protest against temporary residence permits and all other arrangements restricting the right to seek asylum as well as conflicting with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Människor på flykt ska inte hindras att nå Sverige.
Familjer ska kunna återförenas utan att riskera livet.
Därför protesterar vi mot transportöransvar och alla hinder mot familjeåterförening!

Människor som behöver skydd ska vara trygga i Sverige.
Barn ska bemötas med omsorg och framtidstro.
Därför protesterar vi mot tillfälliga uppehållstillstånd och alla åtgärder som inskränker asylrätten och som strider mot barnkonventionen!

Regissör: Laerke Herthoni
Producent: Anisa Dzindo
DP: Josephine Owe Folke Film
Editor: Nils Ossian Andersson
Colorist: Annika Persson